Pioneer Day Parade Information

The Celebration of People Inc., a tax-deductible 501(c)(3), is hosting Chico's annual Pioneer Day Parade. You and your organization are invited to participate in one of Chico's longest standing annual community events (established in 1917).

The theme of the Parade was chosen to celebrate the North State. The theme is meant for use by participants to facilitate as many creative ideas for parade entries as possible.

This includes, but is not limited to, possible entries involving:

  • We hope to see every type of family-friendly display of team spirit, no matter what the sport, level of competition or location of team. We want to see fan support for amateur, semi-professional or professional sports local or otherwise celebrating enthusiasm of team or individual athletes from the world over.
  • We recognize the need for our youth to grow and develop in an environment that promotes teamanship, individuality and participation in any of a variety of ways that promotes good physical and mental health. We want to show the various ways of participating in athleticism in the community whether it's through schools, recreational districts, individual endeavors or just a group of friends showing off their team pride!
  • Are you into martial arts, softball, basketball, running or biking, yo-yoing, dance, disc golf? How about juggling, cup stacking, baseball, horse riding? Are you a polar bear swimmer or a Special Olympian? Come join us and show off your favorite pastime! See you on May 5th!

Categories and Application Fees

For entry fees, see application.


Parade Rules Acknowledgement Form

1. Final instructions will be e-mailed approximately 3 days prior to parade date.
2. Any person or group may enter the parade subject to the approval of the C.O.P. Incorporated’s Pioneer Day Parade Committee.
3. No objects may be thrown from your entry on the parade route, but members of your entry may walk along the sidelines and handout things.
4. No alcohol consumption allowed by participants before or during the event.
5. Participants must keep a continuous motion (no big gaps) while on the parade route.
6. Judging stand will be located on the right side of the line of the march, by the intersection of on Main Street between 4th & 5th.
7. All participants must be appropriately attired for an all-ages audience, and for safety.
8. C.O.P., Inc. reserves the right to reject any entry considered unsafe or in poor taste.
9. Floats must be made of fireproof materials. Fire safety rules must be followed. Every float must carry a workable, water based fire extinguisher.
10. Failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate removal from the parade.
11. Check-in time is from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Parade entries not checked-in on time will be placed at the end of parade. Parade starts promptly at 11 am.
12. All animals must be currently vaccinated as provide in state law.
13. Participants will perform necessary safeguards to prevent injury and property damage from avoidable risks arising from the entry.


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